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Porta Potty Rental, Orange CA

What is a porta potty?

luxury trailer porta potty outdoorA porta potty is a mobile toilet unit that is typically placed temporarily at events, construction sites, and other public places. They are typically constructed of fiberglass and stainless steel with a small hatch allowing access. Portable toilets also known as “port-o-potties”, “portable restrooms”, “dumpsters on wheels” or simply referred to as a poopie in slang speak, are often used for special events like concerts or sporting tournaments, for brief construction projects at large sites where building permanent facilities would be impractical or impossible due to cost restrictions or regulatory requirements.
While choosing a portable toilet company for your upcoming event is important, it’s equally as vital to choose the right porta-potty rental unit. There are a variety of different units to select from which display varying price points, from simple self-contained units with a single toilet and sink, to complex multi-stalled mobile restrooms with hand washing stations and air vents. Make sure to shop around when looking into the many different options available and ask questions regarding the specific features you would like included in your site furnishings package.

Different types of porta potties available?

Regular Porta Potty

The traditional style of porta-potty, consisting of a comfortable and clean restroom on wheels. Most standard portable toilet models have a single toilet, however some include an additional sink with an optional hand-washing station. Depending on the model, some porta potties offer luxury features such as odor control systems and lighted interiors. The regular porta potties are easy to clean and maintain. They are known to be one of the most popular types.

Deluxe Porta Potty

This type of porta potties offers you a more upscale experience. This unit includes amenities like a second toilet, sinks, and hand-washing stations. The deluxe porta potty is usually larger than the regular portable toilets and sports luxuries like an entertainment unit which provides you with convenient storage for your valuables and personal items. Also included in this type of portable toilet are other features that enhance your restroom experience including security glass windows, waste removal/evacuation systems, air vents and odor control systems. The good thing with the deluxe porta potties is the fact that they are built with comfort in mind. The upper-class experience coupled with the modern appeal makes this unit one of the most popular out there.

Wheelchair Accessible Porta Potty

Another type of portable toilets is wheelchair accessible porta johns. These mobile restrooms have wider doors and stalls making them easy to navigate for anyone with disabilities or reduced mobility. However, wheelchair accessible portable toilets should not be selected solely due to this feature, as many units require more space for maneuvering and leave no room for a wheelchair user’s helper or companion to assist if needed.

Luxury Trailer Porta Potties

Luxury trailer porta potties offer a more luxurious and upscale experience than their standard counterparts. These units come equipped with all of the amenities you would expect to find in a flushing restroom, but the interior is decorated in themes that are inspired by the finest hotels and resorts. You would be able to pick out a unit that is themed specifically for your event or party based on the color palette, d├ęcor, and feel you want to create. The luxury trailer porta potties are extremely popular due to their advanced features and versatility in terms of design.

Good for what kinds of events?

Concert and Festivals

It’s a given that when you have thousands of people in the same location, there will be lots of waste to deal with. As such, it’s important that the portable toilets you rent provide an adequate flow of waste and provide an appropriate level of cleaning and sanitation. If guests wish to use the restroom in between acts (or if there is any breaks in the schedule) many portable toilets offer hand washing stations so that the user can wash their hands before leaving the restroom. This ensures that your event does not become a health hazard for your attendees.

Construction Sites

Portable toilets are often employed by construction companies as temporary solutions for their clients during site clean-up periods. These units are often easy to install, clean, and maintain. They are also an affordable solution for those who are on a budget for their construction site event needs. A restroom trailer could be placed wherever it’s convenient for workers and guests in order to create a private space that is both sanitary and comfortable.

Party Locations

Perhaps you’re having a pool party in the summer or hosting an outdoor wedding, both of which have been popular with today’s home owners and newlyweds. Whatever the occasion may be, there’s no better way to add value and convenience to your event than by signing up with a portable toilet company that can help ensure you have enough restrooms on hand.

About Orange City

Orange city is located in Florida with a population of about 23,000. The city is known as the “City of Orange” and is located in the central section of Orange County. In addition to the large population, this city plays an important part in the local economy. The economy is driven by tourism, retail sales, ranching, construction and health care services. The unemployment rate is 9.5 percent above the national average at 10.2 percent, but also has a high employment rate at 88 percent which is higher than that of Florida as a whole at 74 percent. The use of porta potty rental in this city is expected to rise sharply as a result of the fast growth and over-population.
Porta potties are perhaps one of the most common forms of restrooms in many different scenarios and events. However, some people do not really know how to select the right unit or even how to maintain it. This is where porta potty rental services come in handy, as they can help give you advice on what type of portable toilet will work best for your needs and site.