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Porta Potty Rental, Fullerton CA

porta potty on top of a pulling cartA porta potty, also known as a portable toilet, is an enclosed space meant to dispose of human waste using dry toilets. The most distinct aspect of porta potties is their mobility. A few companies install them in high-traffic areas like construction sites and festivals. They can also be rented for shorter lengths of time. In the last decade, the building of portable toilets has become significantly more accessible due to technological advancements like automated toilets. In this article, we look into a porta potty, the different types of potties available, and what is suitable for what kinds of events.

What Is a Porta Potty?

A porta potty is a small, portable toilet that you can use in various situations. They are often used at outdoor events and construction sites but are also commonly used on farms or other rural areas.
Porta potties are typically made from plastic, which makes them easy to clean and disinfect. They have several features that help to make them more sanitary than traditional toilets. The following sections describe some of the essential elements of porta potties:

  • A screen door helps keep flies out of the porta potty. The screen door also helps prevent people from tripping over the step into the toilet.
  • Some porta potties have an electric flush system that automatically adds water to the bowl when you flush it. This is helpful because you don’t have to worry about accidentally running out of water while using the toilet.
  • Some porta potties have windows so that people can see inside them before using them; others do not have windows at all. If you prefer privacy when using a public restroom, look for one with no windows (or only one window).

Different Types of Porta Potties Available?

People often think about the d├ęcor and menu when planning a special occasion. If you are hosting an outdoor event, you may want to consider renting a porta potty. This removes the need to worry about potential issues that might come with using a portable toilet, such as smell, cleanliness, and accessibility. With many porta potty companies available in different areas across the country, it can be easy to find one to rent for your special occasion. Here are some other types of porta potties available.

Regular Porta Potty

The most basic porta potty is regular, and it is also the most common one. It has a single door, no windows, and only a tiny seat. It is usually made from metal or plastic and comes in different colors (typically white). This type of portable toilet is the cheapest option. The main advantage of this type of porta potty is that it can be moved easily and quickly if needed (e.g., during a construction site). However, it has no privacy, so you must be careful where you place it.

Deluxe Porta Potty

Deluxe portable toilets are more expensive than regular ones, but they offer additional features that make them more attractive for specific situations. Some deluxe models include sinks and showers, allowing users to wash their hands before returning to their workspaces or homes. Other exclusive models have heaters, making them more comfortable for cold weather events like camping trips or outdoor weddings where guests may be outside for extended periods during winter.

Wheelchair Accessible Porta Potty

These portable toilets are designed to accommodate people who use wheelchairs or similar mobility aids. They feature wide ramps and larger door openings so that wheelchair users can access them with ease. This type of portable toilet is also available with an attendant call system so that someone can assist the wheelchair user with using their facilities if necessary.

Luxury Trailer Porta Potty

This type of portable toilet is very similar to an RV or travel trailer. It includes all amenities you would expect from such a luxury item, including running water, electricity, and heating/cooling systems (depending on the season). Luxury trailer porta potty include many other features like television sets, DVD players, and more. However, these porta potties are costly, so they are usually reserved for special events or entertainment venues where guests will pay top dollar for a luxury experience like this.

Good for What Kinds of Events?

The strongest argument for potty rental comes from the fact that this one business which is otherwise combined with basic plumbing, is a flourishing industry. The porta potty industry has established its existence in capitalist countries and some under-developed ones. It’s a highly competitive market, and hence the one-stop solution providers have to constantly work towards improving themselves to win over their peers while retaining their base of loyal clients. Here are places you can use the portal potty.


Concerts are one of the most popular events for porta potty rentals. People rent these toilets because concertgoers cannot always get to a bathroom in time, especially if they are standing in line for a long time. This is why concerts have such long lines for the bathroom during intermissions and after the show. The porta potties give people an option to relieve themselves without having to wait in line or leave their seats during the concert itself.


Festivals are another place where porta potties can come in handy. Unlike concerts, these festivals usually do not have any seating arrangements. Hence, people need somewhere to go when nature calls, but they also don’t want to miss out on all the fun activities around them. Renting portable toilets at these events makes it possible for everyone involved to enjoy themselves while still having access to a clean and sanitary place in case they need it.


Renting a porta potty can be a great idea if you plan on throwing an event, like a birthday party, wedding, or even a concert. These portable toilets will help ensure guests have somewhere to go when nature calls. That way, they won’t be forced to use their neighbor’s house or the woods behind their home.


If you work in construction, then there is no doubt that you know how important it is to have access to a toilet at all times. You may not think much about it now, but there will come a time when you will need one! This is why many construction companies choose to rent portable toilets for their employees instead of buying them outright.


A porta potty rental is an excellent idea for any party. You can rent one for a wedding, a baptism, or any other event you are hosting. The porta potty will allow your guests to use it without worrying about going in and out of the house. It is also safe for kids because it has a lid on top so they cannot fall in.

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Fullerton is a city located in northern Orange County, California. As of the 2020 census, the city had a total population of 141,061. It secured the land on behalf of the Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe Railway. Historically it was a center of agriculture, notably groves of Valencia oranges and other citrus crops, petroleum extraction, transportation, and manufacturing. It is home to numerous educational institutions, notably Fullerton College with its associated University Center; to Employment Development Department centers for job training; to entertainment venues such as the blimp hangars once used by Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company; and to notable architectural features, including the landmark “Crown Hill” tower/observation deck of South Coast Plaza.

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