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Porta Potty Rental, Norwalk CA

line of people on the porta pottiesAlthough millions of portable toilets are already in use, the mobile toilet industry continues to expand around the globe. Because there is a persistent demand for temporary restrooms worldwide, this company could be helpful in various settings, from outdoor events to construction sites. Read on to find out if running a portable toilet service in Norwalk is something you’d enjoy doing and to discover how to get started.

What Porta Potty Means

The term “porta potty” describes various mobile restroom facilities. In the United States, the word “porta potty” is commonly used to describe portable toilets suitable for potty-training toddlers. However, the term can also define the portable toilets found at outdoor events, building sites, and other places where permanent restroom facilities would be impractical or impossible to install.
Using the porta potty a portable toilet is not always pleasant. Instead of flushing, most bathrooms have a chemical coating below the bowl that breaks down waste over time. Since most of these facilities lack a sink, many people also feel them be unhygienic. Introducing waterless handwash in dispensers has been a godsend to the porta potty industry, as it allows customers to at least wash their hands.

Benefits of Renting a Porta Potty

  • If you want to avoid unpleasant bathroom situations at your party, renting porta potties is smart. You may relax knowing that the porta potty is spotless and odour-free.
  • It’ll save you time and money in the long run by reducing the number of mess guests are likely to cause during their stay.
  • Portable toilet rentals have several advantages, including those related to comfort and discretion. They allow anyone to use them without worrying about being seen doing so, thanks to their convenient accessibility features.
  • It will guarantee that everyone has a clean, well-maintained place to use the restroom and increase the number of available stalls.

Factors to Consider Before Renting a Portable Potty

Type of Event

The proper type of porta potty and the length of time you’ll need to rent them depend on the nature of the event. Depending on the scope of your project, you may choose to go with ordinary porta potties or splurge on “luxury” trailers and climate-controlled units.

Number of People

One portable potty for every 40-60 persons is recommended; for a building site, that number jumps to one portable potty for every 20 workers.


You will need more rental units to cover a larger area of land. Delivery and upkeep expenses will differ depending on how close the team is to your function or construction site.


Maintaining clean porta potties may necessitate more frequent visits from a service crew, depending on the duration of your event. Also, ensure the hiring company you go with has good hygiene practices.

Porta Potty Rental Rates

The cost of renting a porta toilet depends on several factors, including the chosen rental company, the expected number of attendees, the duration of the event, any necessary repairs, any necessary permits or fees, and the proximity of the porta potties to the venue. Before settling on final pricing, you and the provider will need to discuss your order’s particulars.
Most of the cost of a porta-potty lease is in the transport, installation, and haul-off service. As a result, the price of a month-long portable toilet rental is not significantly higher than that of a week-long one. Pricing for monthly vs. weekly rentals for regular and ADA-compliant portable toilets was within $20.

Types of Porta Potty

Portable Urinals

There may be less of a need to wait in line for the restrooms if you place a few bathrooms outside the building in the event of a large number of attendees. Sure, you’ll still have some people waiting, but if you have fewer of them, things should move along more quickly.

VIP Luxury Trailers

The humble porta potty has come a long way since its humble origins; therefore, there is no reason to rent or use a standard portable toilet when you can enjoy a comfortable and clean luxury experience. It is where you would use the luxury restroom trailer. Heating and cooling, flowing water, a sizable countertop, full-length mirrors, soap, LED lighting, an AM/FM radio, and a Bluetooth-compatible stereo system are some of the amenities found in this unit type.

High Rise Portable Toilet

Porta-potty devices explicitly designed for use in extreme environments are available. When you’re on a construction project, you may have to stay high in towering and incomplete buildings; hence these tall units are supplied with special lifting rigs so they can be hoisted easily by crane. They are available in both full and half sizes to facilitate use in tight quarters.

Events that Require Porta Potty


You should expect hundreds, if not thousands, of people to show up in their most acceptable attire for a Gala. It’s recommended that you provide luxury restroom trailers for such an event.

Sporting Events

Expect a high volume of people using the restroom because of the abundance of food and drink served at sporting events. You might want to provide them with large, multi-stall portable toilet trailers to accommodate their needs. Water for hand washing and toilet flushing is typically offered in these facilities.

Festivals and Concerts

If you want a permit for an event or festival, you’ll need to ensure you have enough bathrooms and portable toilets for the expected crowd size. Your guests will appreciate the addition of a portable restroom. No one enjoys being in the middle of a concert audience full of grouchy individuals who have been standing in line for ages.

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