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We rent porta potties for events and construction projects in the greater Pasadena area.

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Porta Potty Rental, Pasadena CA

What is a porta potty?

porta potty on the construction siteA porta potty is a portable, self-contained toilet that is typically used by construction workers and outdoor enthusiasts such as people who attend music festivals. It consists of a toilet bowl and a waste-holding tank. It is usually installed near construction sites or outdoor event venues to provide sanitation services when there are no permanent toilets available. The porta potty is also useful for use by the homeless. There are several types of porta potties, but all of them are essentially enclosed toilets that are used outside.
The porta potty is typically filled with an enzyme-based disinfectant product, which helps kill bacteria, and deodorizer products. The interior of the porta potty can be cleaned with a spray nozzle for liquid and soap products or a hose for powdered hand soap or cleaning products such as bleach and other chemicals.

Different types of porta potties available

Regular Porta Potty

These types of porta potties are provided in a small portable toilet. They do not include any extras like hand sanitizers or paper towels. It is most commonly used for residential purposes since it does not have any major utilities. This porta potty is composed of galvanized steel, which has been painted with epoxy paint to protect it from rusting. The doors are usually made of fiberglass and are secured with a locking device. The hose and the nozzle on the toilet itself are composed of plastic material and plugged into a mandrel, which is made of plastic. The legs of this particular type of porta potties do not include wheels, but they can be easily lifted by a crane truck. This makes it more durable than other porta potties in nature since they are not meant to be moved often.
Another reason why this type of porta potty is not very common is that it lacks privacy in its properties. Even though there is no door for privacy, people still feel some form of privacy when using the toilet itself.
Porta potties of this kind are most commonly used for construction sites, and for the homeless.

Deluxe Porta Potty

A deluxe porta potty is a little more advanced than the regular porta potty. It contains all the basic features of a regular porta potty plus some additional accessories as well. The basic amenities that are included in this type are toilet paper and hand sanitizers. The addition of these two items makes it an advanced type of portable toilet that is now commonly used by small businesses, like restaurants or theaters, and even at festivals where the number of people who attend could range from hundreds to thousands. The deluxe porta potty is more expensive than the regular type since it has extras and is more effective for sanitation use.

Wheelchair Accessible Porta Potty

This type of porta potty was specially made for people who have physical disabilities and are mostly used by individuals or organizations that have a cause to help out the disabled. It includes all the basic amenities that are included in the deluxe porta potty, plus a few changes in its overall appearance and design. The doors could be wide enough to accommodate wheelchairs, while the toilet bowl itself could be more accessible to people with disabilities. This porta potty for the disabled is mostly used at events and places where a lot of people attend.

Luxury Trailer Porta Potty

A luxury trailer porta potty is like a regular deluxe porta potty, but it includes additional features that are commonly seen in European or American trailers. These additions include toilet paper dispensers and air fresheners. The doors of the trailer could be opened with a remote or manually, depending on the specific model of the luxury porta potty that you have reserved for your specific purpose. The luxury model could have several types of themes and colors, allowing people to customize it based on their own tastes and preference.
Porta potties are also available with several themes and colors, allowing people to customize them based on their preferences and taste. Most of these luxury porta potties are non-motorized and could be easily moved around by a person. Since it does not have any wheels, it is usually placed near the entrance, so that it would not take up a lot of space when people enter or leave the venue being hosted.

Good for what kinds of events?

Concerts and Festivals

Festivals and concerts provide a great opportunity for people to meet new people, and also to have fun together. The porta potty is an ideal luxury for these kinds of events and could benefit both the owner and the guests who attend. The owner would be able to provide an efficient sanitation service without losing much money, and the guest would have no reason to feel ashamed about their lack of proper sanitation when using this kind of porta potty.

Construction sites

Some cities have several projects going on at once, so there are several construction sites in one area at any given time. The porta potties in these areas can be very important because they could be the only place where people could go to use the restroom in times of need. The porta potties provide sanitation services just as well as larger municipal facilities, but at a lesser scale because of their smaller size.

Outdoor events

This type of event does not have so many people but is still important for sanitation purposes. Porta potties are brought along from different locations in order to satisfy the needs of all the people who attend this particular event and yet also not lose money because there are no permanent facilities available (thus no wastage).

About Pasadena City

Pasadena is a city located in the southern portion of Los Angeles County, California. The demand for porta potty rentals is quite high in this city, since it is the home of Caltech, JPL, Norton Simon Museum, and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. All of these places could be huge tourist attractions for people from all over the world who are interested in science and space travel and need porta potties to attend these events. The city is also known for promoting the aerospace industry and also for hosting the Rose Bowl and California Classic, thus making these events a high-class affair that could only be enjoyed with the use of porta potties. The city is also known as a tourist attraction in itself and could benefit from porta potties that are strategically placed and available for easy access. These toilets are considered a luxury because they provide sanitation services without having to spend too much on them, unlike other public restrooms, which are not so widely available.