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We rent porta potties for events and construction projects in the Garden Grove area.

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Porta Potty Rental, Garden Grove CA


line of porta potties in the beach with a hand washing stationIf you live in Garden Grove Los Angeles, where the weather is mild and outdoor entertaining a must, you are probably planning an end-of-year party. As the party invitee list grows longer every day, you can only foresee one major problem, and this is the fact that you won’t have enough toilets to accommodate all the guests. This is where Porta Potty rentals a hire service can help you.

Garden Grove

The US Census says that Orange County covers 948 square miles of land and water, and the average annual temperature is around 20 degrees centigrade, making Garden Grove ideal for an outdoor event at the end of the year. Garden Grove is a city in northern Orange County about 34 miles southeast of the city of Los Angeles. Many people travel there to visit Disneyland which is popular with both adults and children. The population of the area is predominantly Hispanic and includes Asians both Vietnamese and Korean. The older towns in the area. like Fullerton has traditional downtown areas. There is a lot to entertain families here, not just Disneyland but sporting complexes and shopping malls with Harbor Boulevarde containing lots of places to eat and plenty to see. If you are in the area for the first time, take a trip to Knotts Berry Farm to taste the amazing boysenberries. Since Disneyland opened in 1955, many tourists have been attracted to the area, for a fun holiday.
Another great aspect of the area is the weather and California is not known for its rain, so you should be able to spend a couple of weeks there, and enjoy beautiful weather most of the year round.

What is a Porta Potty

A porta potty is basically a toilet cubicle with a lockable door that can be placed somewhere on your land for use when rented for a period of time usually for an event. Our porta potties are a hire-only product, we also provide servicing and pump-out options for the hire period to ensure your facilities are maintained to the highest standard.
Read the Code of Conduct to learn about recommended maintenance practices while you have the porta potty onsite.

Planning Your Event

You will need about 1 porta potty rental for every 100 people, and this can change

  • One portable restroom can handle around 250 uses before it reaches capacity, so a general rule of thumb is one portable restroom for every 100 attendees. It is better to have too many porta potties than not enough. There are different types available, including ones with wheelchair access and others with luxury facilities.
  • There are several different types of portable toilets available, including Party and Event Fresh Water Flush toilets, and open closet hand basin toilets. Some of them can even be connected to the sewer, probably preferable in many cases, depending on how long you are planning to keep them on your property.
  • If your gathering includes people with disabilities there is an easy-access portable toilet for them, slightly wider than usual to easily accommodate a wheelchair. Luxury trailer portable toilets can be moved to the most convenient spot on the grounds.

Advantages of Porta Potty Rental

  • There are several advantages to hiring Porta Potties for an event, and they are.
  • It keeps guests from roaming around your house looking for a bathroom.
  • They can be strategically placed on your grounds, behind a tree, or behind bushes at the bottom of the garden.
  • They are very hygienic to use
  • Some come with hand basins
  • They are quickly removed when the event is over.

Types of Event For Porta Potty Rental

If you are holding a concert or a festival in Garden City, you are going to need a whole row of porta potties as you will have a big crowd to cater to.
This type of outdoor event requires plenty of facilities, as people often drink and dance the whole night long. Depending on the event, a music festival often has people camping over until the next day. If it is an overnight festival you may need to provide porta showers as well.

What Happens When You Place Your Order

Once you place your order the porta potty will be delivered on the date requested. It is important that you place it in the right position, partly hidden from view, the length of time it remains is based on the length of time you have rented it for. You will need to check with local regulations as some government bodies have laws regarding placement. If the weather is hot and sunny, they are best placed under shade trees, or they can become very hot inside. Make sure there is adequate space for people to queue up outside the porta potties. Place signs near the units, so that guests know they are there. Place the porta potty on level ground where possible, as you don’t want it tipping over, especially with someone in it.
The number of porta potties is important, and it is always better to have too many than not enough as no one wants to queue for long waiting.
If you are holding an open garden event or a garden party, place the porta potties down the back near the composting area. All gardens have a utility area for composting and potting sheds, and this is the perfect place to line up the porta potties out of view of the attractive part of the garden. Often these events are held as fundraisers, so every amenity has to be provided to encourage the public to attend.

Most people find it necessary to hire a porta potty at some time throughout the year. If you are holding an event like a 21st birthday or small garden wedding, you will certainly need a few porta potty units for your Garden Grove function. The units arrive sanitized and totally ready for use, but it is a good idea to have extra supplies like toilet paper and hand towels available at home, so you don’t run out.