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The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

If you are a lover of magic and sorcery, this theme park is perfect for you. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is located on the premises of the Universal Studios Park in Universal City, California. It is set in the Young Wizard films by J.K. Rowling: Harry Potter. To access it, you must buy a ticket to Universal to immerse yourself in the world of magic. If you are a faithful follower of books and movies, you will notice the similarities that this park has with the films and books.

The first thing that welcomes us is the Hogsmeade Station, where there is a replica of the Hogwarts express where you can buy different souvenirs of this theme. Its main attraction is Hogwarts Castle. You can visit the different areas of the castle, see the talking pictures interact with each other, and finally enjoy the adrenaline of a broom ride with Harry and his friends. If you are not so fond of adrenaline, this is an attraction in which you will travel to the famous hippogriff from the movie, perfect for the little ones in the house.

You can pass the time visiting the shops that are in this park; You can see Mr. Ollivander and buy your magic wand, which allows you to perform spells in certain parts of the park in an interactive way, you can visit the owl shop and send your letter and get Hogsmeade stamps, go to Honeydukes for the famous frogs of chocolate and another variety of sweets belonging to these movies, enter and buy your uniform and choose your scarf from your favorite house, enter the Zonko’s Joke Shop and find funny things in it, we can also visit the Dervish and Banges store where we can buy Golden snitches and see the perfect flying brooms for a Quidditch match.

This entire area is set in the small town of Hogsmeade, it has a restaurant for you to live the experience of eating in a restaurant that offers different native options from England, but if you don’t feel like it, they also have an American menu so you can choose your favorite food.

But your visit is not complete if you do not buy your representative butterbeer, the favorite of the students of the school of magic and sorcery, or you can choose a rich pumpkin juice. And if you are over 21, there is a small bar that sells alcoholic beverages to make your visit more fun.

An excellent tip to enjoy this experience to the fullest is to ask the park staff for information about the outdoor shows they offer you. You cannot miss the opportunity to see the chorus of toads sing, the arrival of the students of Beauxbatons, and Durmstrang to the Triwizard Cup.

Finally, we can mention that in Orlando, Fl, there is also an extension of this park, only that it has more attractions and two more areas to be able to make the most of this experience.

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