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Petersen Automotive Museum

The Petersen Auto Museum is located on Wilshire Blvd in the Miracle Mile area of Los Angeles. One of the largest world’s largest auto museums, The Petersen Automobile Museum is also a non-profit organization dedicated to automotive history and educational programs. Located within the historic buildings of the former Chrysler Corporation, the museum features exhibits and memorabilia related to auto history. There are several exhibits for the children, teens, and adults to view including antique cars, early racing cars, and even one featuring the most beautiful car of all, the “Furio”.

Designed as an open-air museum, visitors can walk from car to car through the museum’s four-story parking lot. Inside, visitors can view the cars in detail. From the floor, you can hear their sounds, including that of a motor starting and the sound of an accelerator. You can feel the vibrations of the tires of every car you see. At the end of each gallery, you can walk inside a restored-to-the-original-condition car. In one section of the museum, you can even purchase a replica of a car that you have just viewed. Visitors can even use the exhibits’ interactive screens for hands-on educational purposes, such as the reproduction of the very first car, a 1920 Model A Ford.

Over the years, the museum has expanded its collection with the addition of more than 1 million vehicles. These automobiles have been restored and given an original finish. There are displays of early sports cars and boats that you can ride on or take apart. You can enjoy a glass case filled with old movie cameras, as well as a large selection of watches and jewelry. The Museum also houses an exhibition room for those interested in learning more about auto history.

When visiting the museum, be sure to take advantage of the museum tour. Each tour will guide you through the building, including a look at the exhibits in the museum, the interior, and tours of some of the areas not available to the public. You will find that the tour is well organized and includes all the information you need to get the most out of your visit.

One of the highlights of the museum is their car history section. Here, you can find out about the history of the various manufacturers. You will also learn more about the history of the car that you are viewing, such as any major recalls.

In addition to the history of the cars, you will find many other displays and exhibits. You can even meet the original makers of the car you are looking at. You can have your photograph taken with a real, working car. This is a great way to have a closer look at the cars and to get the true history behind them.

The museum is housed within the historic buildings and has a beautiful lawn and garden area where you can sit and enjoy the gardens and other attractions around. If you want to make a day trip, you can spend a day exploring the grounds and visiting the various exhibits. and touring all the areas in the area.

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