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Frequently Asked Questions

How soon can I get my porta potty?

We aim to offer same-day or next-day deliveries whenever possible. However, we recommend making reservations hours to one week ahead to ensure unit availability and avoid additional emergency fees for delivery scheduling.

Can I rent a porta potty for just one day?

Absolutely! We’ll organize delivery either the day before or the morning of your single rental day. Sometimes, you’ll have access to the porta-potty for a day or two after your single-day rental, but you’ll only be billed for that one day.

Do you guarantee my porta potty will be clean when it arrives?

Certainly. Every porta potty rental is cleaned and sanitized to the highest standards. Additionally, for event rentals, exclusive “special event” units are provided only for private events. Our commitment is to deliver porta potty units that are clean, sanitized, and comfortable.

How often will my porta potty be serviced?

Every rental entails a once-a-week servicing, covering restocking, cleaning, and sanitization. If you need more frequent cleaning, we’ll elevate the porta potty service level to cater to your usage.

Can a porta potty be placed anywhere?

We’re dedicated to placing your porta potty in a secure, stable location on your site for optimal serviceability and convenience.

How many units do I need?

Need assistance figuring out the number of porta potty units for your event or site? Factors such as site size, anticipated attendance, and regulatory requirements are crucial considerations. Count on our experience to accurately determine the necessary units for private events and ensure compliance with OSHA and local regulations for construction sites.

Will my porta potty be wheelchair accessible?

Should you need a wheelchair-accessible portable restroom, we have the right facilities. Notify us of your requirements upon reservation, and we’ll furnish a sanitary, safe, and accessible porta-potty for your use.

How do you control odors in the porta potty?

Our porta potty units are equipped with detergent water, serving as both sanitizers and deodorizers. This innovative solution effectively controls odors between maintenance visits. With each regular service, odor is eliminated through waste removal and meticulous cleaning.

What if the porta potty is tipped over?

Should your portable restroom be overturned, please notify us promptly. When we arrive, we’ll evaluate the situation and take appropriate action, replacing or servicing the unit as required.